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Congratulations to Amy Lovell, Discipline of Nutrition who won the Nestlé Nutrition Institute Young Researcher of the Year Award.

The award is for a first author published or unpublished manuscript with a focus on nutrition, this year themed ‘The first 1000 days of life’, relating to pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, infancy or toddlers.

Amy’s PhD and award submission was completed as part of a multi-centre, double-blind, RCT conducted in Auckland and Brisbane called ‘The Growing Up Milk – Lite (GUMLi)’ trial. One hundred and sixty healthy 1-year-old children received a reduced energy and protein Growing Up Milk – Lite (GUMLi) or unfortified cow’s milk (CM) for 12-months, as part of a whole diet. The focus was to examine dietary intake, nutritional status (iron and vitamin D status), dietary patterns, and diet quality of the participants in the second year of their lives.

Amy was presented the award as part of the Scientific Meeting that Nestle held on Monday 12 August.